Hi. I’m Catie and “I LIKE FOOD”

“I like food.” This is where my career beg011a0910.jpgan. With indecision and a sense of being lost in college(It took me 8 years to get my bachelor’s degree!), I chose to study nutrition simply because…”I LIKE FOOD.” Little did I know this choice led me to the well wide world of health and happiness. Beginning my career in a fitness environment, I personal trained, taught group classes and led nutrition workshops. From there I took a position in management and my interest in business and wellness collided. My ambition to change the world got the best of me and, as I moved forward, I was fortunate enough to have a boss that approved my ideas to start a corporate wellness program out of our facility. I began pursuing my Master’s in Business to understand perspectives from the top. The joy I get from this accidental career is insurmountable and I hope to extend that joy even further through this blog.

I truly believe in the power of healthy habits and lifestyle changes.  My mission is to help people and companies develop and execute wellness strategies that drive them and their population to be better consumers of their own health and well-being. Many chronic diseases that account for 75 percent of total healthcare costs are preventable, so I create data driven, outcome-based wellness programming in order to reduce the costs of unhealthy employees. I also provide interactive and individualized education on nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress management.