Wellness Program Tech-vantage

How many times a day do you think you check your phone? How often do you checkImage result for wellness technologyyour paper mail? Probably not as often?! We all see the rapid changes that come with technology and it’s apparent that the best wellness programs need to be taking advantage of tech. Technology allows employees to customize their own program to meet their individual goals while simultaneously integrating data for companies to track and monitor enrollment and results. With tech central options available, involvement is easier for employees and provides regular engagement with little additional workforce needed to maintain your program.

These options range in depth and vary in complexity. For example, I currently do a majority of my consultations and reviews telephonically and fitness plans through an app. I can utilize as many or as few features I wish. The app allows for video chats and provides a forum to communicate that doesn’t infiltrate my personal devices. We also offer behavior change classes that are web based with high privacy to the participant. I like these kinds of classes for things that can be uncomfortable to talk about or are outside my scope of practice, such as alcohol cessation.

When running programs for bigger companies, I find it almost impossible to track information without a wellness portal like FitThumb. This kind of software is customizable and provides wellness challenges, team challenges, exercise and nutrition tracking, points and rewards, communities, online education, coaching tools, and links to wearables.

Speaking of wearables, this technology is becoming a common item across all populations. (They also make great prizes and incentives to give to employees.) They allow you to monitor activity, provide motivation and increase awareness. 67% of companies report that their employees are using wearables. You should strongly consider making your company one of those.

Gamification, apps and social media are amongst the helpful tech tools we can use. Tech may be a better incentive and more effective way of getting employees involved in an active community than gym memberships.

Forward-thinking companies take the step toward tech! What do you use personally to help you be well? How can that be integrated into a worksite wellness community?




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