Eat More Vegetables?!

I know it sounds silly, but the words “eat more vegetables” are the bane of my existence.Image result for eat more vegetablesWhen people ask me for nutrition advice or come to me for nutrition counseling, they are often looking for something deep or for some special insight into making their diet healthy. The first things I ask are “how many servings of vegetables do you eat a day and how much water do you drink?” The truth is 9 time out of 10 I have to say “EAT MORE VEGETABLES” and “stay hydrated.” It’s much easier than we think to be healthy and frankly, most people don’t want to hear it. The power of vegetables is HUGE. Small, achievable goals result in the most success. Eating more vegetables and drinking more water work! Positive eating habits have many physical and mental benefits that will help your employees be their best. Pushing good things in pushes the bad out.

With that said, one of the challenging things about corporate wellness programs is that with them, we don’t always have the opportunity to provide individualized programming. This is not the forum for that. What we can do is pick apart the topics and suggestions that are applicable to ALL. A push for increased vegetable intake is a great way to vamp up the nutrition aspect of your program. It’s simple. So what can you do to get your peeps to eat more veggies?

Some things you can do at the workplace:

  • Vegetable recipe contests
  • Have employees track servings of vegetables/day for a month on a form (you can use these forms in an incentive program like a raffle for a week of meal deliveries)
  • Vegetable cooking classes
  • Highlight vegetable options in cafeteria or close by local eateries
  • Lunch and learn topics on seasonal fruits and vegetables and how to pick them out at your grocery store
  • Easy snack lists that include vegetables
  • Rethink your vending machine options

Do you have any ideas that will challenge your employees to eat more vegetables?

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