Program Ideas: Making it Fun

Image result for health fairBy now, you know the case for having a corporate wellness program is clear. Getting your program started can be done step-wise, but there always comes a time where we’ve got to get our creative juices flowing. There are so many options when it comes to activities and initiatives in creating a wellness culture and engaging employees. Read on for a few FUN ideas:

Before listing some things we’ve done in the past, I want to first mention hosting a health fair.  I’ve always started new programs with a wellness fair. It’s a great forum to convey your message and get employees involved from the get go. I also use this opportunity to get people to sign up as ambassadors and fill out surveys. I suggest a raffle for all employees who attend. You can have tabling of all sorts. I’ve seen booths with gyms, healthy food companies, nutritionists, blood pressure checks, body fat testing, foam rolling demos, benefits information and program information. Every company has different interests and contacts, so feel free to explore your resources.

Some easy ideas you can use throughout your program to create a wellness culture include:

  • Healthy snack offerings in your cafeteria
  • Building an on-site gym or offering local gym discounts
  • Offering schedule flexibility for health initiatives
  • A company softball team (or any sport really)
  • Water stations or company logoed water bottles
  • Lunch and learns on any topic of interest (this often works well with nutrition topics)
  • Onsite stretching or fitness classes
  • Stress management classes
  • Smoking cessation
  • Healthy Pot Lucks
  • Weight loss challenges
  • Step challenges
  • Walking meetings
  • Host healthy topic speakers

Each of these options can be molded to fit your company’s culture and needs. For example, a company I worked with was trying to push increased vegetable intake. We were struggling to clean up the food at their little lunch shop because of complaints about choices and cost. So we offered punch cards for certain items deemed “healthy choices.” With a completed punch card, they got a fruit and veggie smoothie. It was a hit!

Try a few out with your own twists and share your ideas with me!

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