Finding Balance: Hip Hop Style!

Wellness wheel showing the six dimensions of wellness in a pie chartWhen we talk about getting healthy, what typically comes to mind is eating clean and exercising more. What about sleep, stress, money, relationships etc.? Don’t these things impact our health too? One of the biggest challenges we face is finding balance. (UGH! When I hear the word balance I get stressed out, thus impacting my balance! It’s not easy. It’s life. Our balance changes on a daily basis.)

The national wellness institute defines wellness as “an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.” Leaders in the world of wellness have defined the dimensions of wellness to be: Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual and Occupational.

Because I’m a total nerd I wrote a rap about it…Let’s break it down, (cue hip hop beat!)

Do you find work enriching your life?
Occupational wellness eliminates strife.

What about exercise, food and seeing your doc?
Your physical wellness is ready to rock.

Healthy relationships with your community,
Social wellness creates unity.

Working on challenging and creative pursuits,
Building intellectual wellness roots.

Gratitude and reflective time alone,
Your spiritual wellness is your own.

Managing feelings and coping with stress,
Wearing your emotional wellness headdress.

Put it all together to find balance.
You’ll be living a life of abundance!

Finding your balance should be enjoyable and rewarding. It is never the same and won’t be perfect. As you move through stages of life, priorities will change. Find your strengths and work on your weaknesses.


Print this Assessing-Your-Life-Balance worksheet to get started toward better balance. This activity will identify which part of the pie is missing. You can distribute to employees and collect them anonymously to get a better view of what topics need to be focused on for your department.

I would love feedback about how this activity worked out for you and/or your employees. Feel free to leave comments or message me.

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